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Cervical Traction: One of Many Benefits
Cervical traction, One of many potential benefits to assist with neck pain. Article Contributed by a Board certified Physician by the American Board of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
How to Use a TENS Unit
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: What do I need to know about a TENS unit? A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit is a treatment for pain. A TENS unit is a small, portable, b
Orthopedic Pillow Uses
Orthopedic Pillow Uses Natural placement of the head and neck, accomplished with the many different styles and shapes of Core cervical pillows, can help relieve intense pain by providing natu
Protection Face Mask Mistakes
Urinary Incontinence
Sarah loves to spend time with her friends talking about her grandchildren and going to exercise classes with neighbors. But she’s started to have a problem that keeps her from getting
When to Use Hot and Cold Therapy
When to Use Hot and Cold Therapy Heat and cold are the two most common types of noninvasive and nonaddictive pain-relief therapies for muscle and joint pain. Which one you use depends on wheth
Where is Deionized Water (DI Water) Used?
Where is DI water used? Deionized (Dl) water is an essential ingredient in hundreds of applications, including medical, laboratory processes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics manufacturing