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6 Piece Assist Kit
6 Piece Assist Kit
6 Piece Assist Kit

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6 Piece Assist Kit

Hip & Knee Recovery Kit

Recommended by therapists for those with arthritis, limited mobility, restricted range of motion

Promote independence, reduce movement and recover faster from hip, knee or bariatric surgery or injury

Easily reach above your head or pick up dropped items with a extra long non-slip rubberized jaw grabber

With a 26” foothold that will easily hold any shoe or cast, the leg lifter safely repositions your leg and foot on a bed, wheelchair or a car

Dress without assistance with a 24” dressing stick, a sock assist and an extra long shoe horn

The loofah brush is made with a silky soft mesh suitable for sensitive skin and will help you reach every part of your body without straining


What is the loop leg lifter made of?

The leg lifter is constructed from durable nylon and aluminum.

How long is the leg lifter?

The leg lifter is 44” long.

How big is the loop on the leg lifter?

The loop is 26” in diameter.

Is the leg lifter rigid?

The aluminum rod in the nylon lifter makes it rigid enough to ensure an easy experience when lifting your leg.

Is the loop on the leg lifter rigid?

The loop is flexible and will accommodate any foot, shoe or cast.

Is the leg lifter adjustable in length?

No, the lifter is not adjustable but can be grab the strap at any point to shorten if needed.

Is the nylon on the leg lifter durable?

Yes, the nylon is very strong and will withstand extended use.

Can I use the leg lifter to lift my leg on my bed?

Yes, the leg lifter is designed to help you move your legs onto a bed, chair or car.

I just had hip replacement surgery and I’m having a hard time getting in and out of cars. Will this leg lifter help?

Yes, the leg lifter is designed to help you move your legs onto a bed, chair or car without risking injury.

Does the sock assist work with compression socks?

Yes, the sock assist can be used with any type of sock or hosiery, including compression socks.

How wide is the opening for your foot on the sock assist?

The sock assist opening is 4” wide.

Can I use the sock assist with my large, wide feet?

Yes, it is flexible to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Does the sock assist have something to help put the heel of the sock on?

It is best to have as much of the sock on the device before starting. Pulling up the sock and sock assist in one smooth motion, while pointing the toes downward, should allow the sock assist and sock to slide around the heel and up the calf to the desired position.

Will the sock assist work with ankle socks?

Yes, the sock assist works well with ankle socks.

Would I be able to use the sock assist with one hand?

Yes, it is possible to pull both cords with one hand, taking care to ensure cords are pulled equally.

Are there instructions on how to use the sock assist?

Yes! First, pull the sock over the device as far as the sock will go. Place the device on the floor, keeping the handles in your hands. Then insert your foot through the opening and smoothly pull the handles until your sock is completely over your foot.

Will the sock assist work with a child size sock?

Because the sock assist is flexible it may be able to handle an older child’s sock, however, the sock assist is 4” wide and may be too large to handle small children’s socks.

Can the sock assist be used with nylons without ripping them?

Yes, the sock assist has a smooth, rounded edge to prevent snags and runs.

Does the sock assist stretch out the top of your socks?

The sock assist only stretches a sock during the brief amount time it takes to put them on leaving the elastic fully intact, however, leaving a sock on the device for long periods of time may deform your sock.

How long are the adjustable cords on the sock assist?

The cord length is 33”.

How do I use the shoe horn?

Can I use the dressing stick to pull up zippers on my back?

Yes, the 27” stick should be long enough to pull up or down most zippers on your back.

Will the hooks on the dressing stick damage my clothes?

No, the hooks will not snag or tear even delicate clothing.

What should I use the large S shaped hook on the dressing stick for?

The larger S shaped hook is handy for pulling on or off larger pieces of clothing like pants, shirts and jackets through a buttonhole or just by hooking the fabric.

Can I use the dressing stick to take off my socks without bending?

Yes, the dressing stick is very handy for removing socks, shoes and other clothing without having to bend or reach.

Is the dressing stick durable?

Yes, the dressing stick is made from solid wood and will stand up to extended use.

How long is the dressing stick?

The dressing stick is 24 inches long.

Is this a heavy duty reacher grabber?

Yes this reacher grabber will last during trash pickup, lawn cleanup, and retrieving small objects from high places, low places, and even tight spaces.

How much weight will the reacher grabber tool lift?

This reacher grabber lifts around 5 pounds without any trouble.

Does the reacher grabber have a magnetic tip?

No, it’s not magnetic, but the rubber grips on the rotating head will easily and securely hold small objects.

Is the reacher grabber strong enough to open a door?

This reacher grabber can open some door handles, depending on the handle shape, making it a great tool for disabled people.

How much does the reacher grabber weigh?

This reacher grabber is made of lightweight aluminum, and weighs less than 9 ounces.

I’ve just had hip surgery. Is the reacher grabber good for my recovery?

Yes! This tool is a great helper for elderly people, or people recovering from surgery. It makes simple everyday tasks safer and easier.

Does the reacher grabber have a rotating handle?

No, but it does have a rotating grabber claw.

I have small hands. How big is the reacher tool?

This reacher tool is 32” long and can pick up most objects up to 4” across. The handle is 4” long and slim enough to fit most hands securely.

What type of soap do I use with the loofah brush?

The loofah brush works well with any type of shower gel, body wash or shampoo.

What is the actual length of the loofah brush?

The loofah brush is 17” long.

Can the loofah pouf be replaced?

No, at this time a replacement loofah is not available.

How often should I replace my loofah brush?

The loofah brush should be replaced when signs of wear are visible. On average, about every 2-3 months.

Is the loofah washable?

Yes, to preserve the quality of your loofah soak the head with diluted bleach and rinse thoroughly on a weekly basis.

Should I dry my loofah after every use?

Yes, shake out & hang your loofah to dry after using. This helps to preserve the life of your loofah and prevents bacteria growth.

How soft is the puff on the loofah brush?

The loofah brush is made with a silky soft mesh suitable for sensitive skin.

What is the diameter of the loofah puff?

The soft mesh loofah puff measures approximately 4.5” in diameter.

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